It is now possible to control the iPad with eyes

Washington – Smartphones and tablets are commonly used around the world, but not everyone can benefit from these important inventions. Now additional casings have been created for the world’s first iPad Pro, which provides full control of the iPad with eye-signs.

The system is named Askyle and is first included in the Apple iPad Pro. This way the table can be completely controlled by the eye without hand. Currently, it is working with a 12.9-inch version of the iPad Pro.

The iPad Pro has been placed in a special casing to add these properties. It has a sensitive scanner that keeps on notice the movement of the two eye-skin snouts. It has two options, one tracking it remotely, and on the other hand it also notes the black circles in the eye, the right left and the top down movement.

Such contacts are called Agmento and Alternative Communications (AAC), which can work with a variety of systems and protocols. All the iPad’s feature can be performed with the eye. The skyle can also run the tab for the victims of the fall, the Serial Palace and other disease victims.

When it comes to the table, the iPad can do many things. On one hand, you can stay in touch with friends and family. On the other hand, the entire system of smart homes can be controlled by them. Therefore, the disabled will be able to perform their different tasks in a very different way through the school.

Power supply is not required separately for the sky casing because it works by taking power from the iPad itself. It can also be applied to the pointing davis, mouse and digital pans, but the sky-scone is worth $3,000.

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