Reverse Panel – The Solar Panels Which Can Create Electricity Even During Nights

Can solar panels create electricity during nights? or only during days? If you also have this question, then today is the day when you will get your answer. Maryland University has done research about this and the result of this research is, Yes, solar panels can create electricity during nights as well!

As we know, from the sun, not only the light but also heat reaches the earth’s surface. These new solar panels will actually use that absorbed heat of the sun in order to create electricity.

In order to absorb that heat, scientists are thinking to use mercury or any other chemical with similar characteristics, which will be able to convert that absorbed heat energy to electricity.

The panels will also be able to generate electricity during the day-time by sunlight. This means that these will work round the clock,i.e: It will use sunlight during daytime and absorbed heat during nights.

However, the electricity generated during the nights will not be that much, but it will still be effective for doing tasks that do not require much energy. As the amount of electricity generating will be almost 25% less at night as compared to the daytime.

Currently, we are not getting benefitted from this absorbed heat. The official release date is still not confirmed but we hope it happens fast.

So, what do you think about this? Will this technology be released at the end of this year or not? And whether this will be a good initiative? Leave a comment below to let us know what do you think about this!

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